Mortgage rates

How long can credit unions keep the mortgage momentum going?


Home loans accounted for the bulk of the industry’s lending gains in 2020, but inventory shortages in some markets and an uneven economic recovery may dim prospects this year.


Are nonbanks likelier to lend to Black, Latino homebuyers?


A new report from California shows that less-regulated mortgage lenders may be doing a better than banks of serving Black and Latino homebuyers. But consumer advocates say the data bolsters the case for tougher supervision of nonbanks.


GSEs' new refi fee will hurt borrowers most


The higher charge on mortgages refinanced through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is supposed to cushion against a crisis but could contribute to one as the fees are passed on to struggling consumers.


Housing groups seek change to FHA loan restriction on student debt


An industry coalition wants to ensure borrowers who took out certain types of loans to fund their education aren’t locked out of access to historically low mortgage rates.


Why the pandemic isn’t scaring away first-time homebuyers


One segment of the market, at least, has proved more resilient than many feared early on in the crisis.


Mortgage lenders tighten screws on credit in echo of 2008


Mortgage rates are at record lows, but borrowers hoping to take advantage are running into the toughest loan-approval standards in years.


Auto loan market divides; have banks set aside enough for bad loans?


Lenders are throwing money at buyers with stable jobs while making it harder for weak borrowers to get loans; $50 billion in loss provisions may not be enough and could stifle lending.


N.Y., California want more regulation; bank stocks hammered again


The governors want more regulatory power as federal oversight slips; U.S. and European banks dropped sharply Monday as coronavirus-related problems multiply.


More coronavirus challenges for banks; RBS delays


Bankers express confidence despite coronavirus concerns, while consumers ponder cash needs; U.K. will hold off unloading its 62% stake in bank.


Mortgage activity rising after Fed's emergency rate cut, Truist chief says


While clients are uneasy about the spread of coronavirus, Kelly King touted the added volume his company has seen from lower rates.