Mortgage rates

JPMorgan shifts scores of workers to mortgages to handle boom


Demand for home loans has been strong in recent months and is expected to increase coronavirus fears push rates lower.


Refinance mortgage applications reach highest level since 2013


Refinance application activity last week was the highest in nearly seven years, with more than triple the volume from one year ago, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.


Big mortgage lenders are flirting with disaster


Banks' lowering of origination fees and loosening of underwriting standards often foreshadow a downturn.


Foreclosure starts fall to lowest level this century: Black Knight


November's foreclosure starts hit their lowest level since Black Knight started tracking this data in 2000, while the foreclosure rate reached a 14-year low.


There are better times ahead for mortgage finance


While many lenders lately managed their business expecting reduced volume, now they get to capitalize on extremely low mortgage rates. But today's benevolent conditions will not always be with the industry.


Wells Fargo again lowers a key earnings target


For the third time in five months, the San Francisco bank made a downward revision Monday to its guidance on net interest income. An executive cited the impact of lower interest rates.


Consumer groups, lenders find common cause against CFPB mortgage provision


Though advocates and industry are rarely aligned, they are starting to coalesce around a plan that would call for the elimination of the CFPB’s 43% debt-to-income limit as part of its qualified mortgage rule.


Bankers welcome rush of refis, but it's no cure-all


With long-term interest rates at historic lows, mortgage refinancing is coming on strong. But that additional revenue may not be enough to offset net interest margin pressures and lost servicing income.


Could there ever be negative long-term mortgage rates in the U.S.?


The potential for negative long-term mortgage rates is surfacing around the world, and with global tensions building in the U.S. market, there's a small but growing chance it could happen here, too.


A GSE plan before the election has risks — but so does doing nothing


Some believe the administration will delay action on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to avoid any political fallout. Others say the window for reform is closing.