Mobile payments

What's next for Jiko now that it owns a bank


The fintech and the Minnesota bank it acquired last week, renamed Mid-Central National Bank, intend to pioneer a new method of storing and moving money for consumers.


In a digital world, regulators and innovators need to team up to beat fraud


Close collaboration between leading payment innovators and regulators could help regulators better understand the direction the industry is headed, says Arkose Labs' Vanita Pandey.


Facebook Financial formed to pursue company’s commerce ambitions


Facebook Inc. unveiled a new group to pursue payments and commerce opportunities and put David Marcus, co-creator of its Libra cryptocurrency project, in charge of the initiative.


How the pandemic is propelling Zelle


The pandemic’s physical distancing requirements appear to have accelerated transaction volume and overall usage of Zelle, the P2P app operated by bank-owned Early Warning Services LLC.


Contactless payments: The future is here


Whether they take the form of a mobile wallet or a touch-free credit card, contactless payments are poised to take off as consumers — wary of using terminals and ATMs or handing cards back and forth — change their habits.


How EventBot malware exploits shift to mobile payments during coronavirus crisis


Criminals developing EventBot malware built it to take advantage of businesses and humans turning to mobile banking and payments in the current coronavirus crisis — but also to update itself on the fly to become more insidious in the future.


CFPB expands relief for banks and credit unions from remittance rules


The agency will allow institutions providing 500 or fewer transfers a year to estimate costs in consumer disclosures rather than quote exact figures.


The American payment system was ready for the coronavirus pandemic


The modern-day payment system was, over the last two decades, tailor-made for the shelter-in-place conditions many now live and work under today.


Green Dot hires former NetSpend boss Dan Henry as new CEO


Former NetSpend CEO Dan Henry has been named as the CEO of Green Dot, the Pasadena, Calif.-based prepaid card issuer and banking company.


Bankers see payments firms as fintech enemy No. 1


Banks, especially smaller ones, are more worried about the competitive inroads that Apple Pay, Venmo and others have made than they are about tech companies' incursions into other financial segments, according to a new survey by Promontory Financial.