Mobile payments

Where banking-fintech partnerships fall short


Fintechs that simply offer cosmetic upgrades to the cumbersome American banking system won't survive.


HSBC presses its advantage as contactless-only issuer


As major U.S. cities continue to implement contactless tap-and-go acceptance to collect transit fares, at least one bank sees this trend as an opportunity to put its cards on center stage.


Apple Card fortifies the digital model, and that's trouble for banks


Apple's massive user base, fully digital enrollment system, merchant reach and partnership with Goldman Sachs threaten retail banks on multiple fronts.


Walmart crypto coin patent could be a back door to banking


Walmart has filed a patent application for a digital currency that, like Facebook's Libra, would be a stablecoin backed by traditional currencies. And it envisions a very specific use case where its coin could stand in for cash — or even for a bank account.


TD Ameritrade wants to steer customers toward in-car voice assistants


The brokerage expects customers will use conversational tech to check accounts and perform other financial transactions while stuck in traffic.


Why mobile onboarding is such a turnoff


Banks can fine-tune their apps so the customer doesn't give up halfway through a cumbersome sign-up process.


Citi opens bank earnings season; SEC ponders authority over Libra


Investors eye how low rates, flat yield curve will affect bank profits; agency is determining if it has oversight power over Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency.


Biggest changes in digital banking are just ahead


Many might think that the technological disruption of the industry is already underway, but it’s likely that the most significant restructuring is still yet to come.


Accept cash, credit card or mobile payment? Government wants a say


State and local officials have pushed back against retailers that don’t take cash, and now some are pressuring electric vehicle firms to expand payment options at charging stations.


Trump calls Fed policy ‘destructive’; Banks get a boost


The president says the Fed is giving China a competitive advantage; bank stocks gained after tariffs on Mexican imports nixed.