Loyalty and rewards

Did Durbin amendment lead to unintended credit card splurge?


Lost in the battle between banks and retailers — which is being fought with renewed vigor in the early days of the Trump administration — is any consideration of how caps on interchange fees have affected consumer spending patterns.


Synchrony issues new credit cards for airline Cathay Pacific


The cards could prove to be popular with Americans who travel frequently to Asia.


The cross-selling challenge: Walking the tightrope


Cross-selling increases customer business and loyalty by building upon established relationships. This ebook will outline an approach to cross-selling that will help your bank get it just right.


Credit card giants in a delicate balancing act of costs, rewards


Credit card issuers usually reserve their richest rewards for customers at the higher end who are willing to pay steep annual fees. But a recent surge in credit card rewards deals targeting mainstream consumers signals a key strategy shift for issuers.