Lael Brainard

Wells can only ditch growth cap with Fed board vote: Powell


Fed Chair Jerome Powell said Thursday that the central bank's board of governors will take a vote before Wells Fargo is ultimately released from its growth restriction mandate, a decision that had previously been left up to staff.


Fed plan to ease capital rules courting disaster: Bair, Hoenig


The outgoing No. 2 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the agency's former chair say the proposed changes would increase the likelihood of another financial crisis.


Treasury’s Phillips pleads for caution on implementing Basel standards


The senior official said U.S. regulatory agencies should not rush to complete certain final aspects of Basel III, to prevent the new standards from conflicting with existing rules.


CRA needs to come off 'autopilot,' Fed's Quarles says


The rules to comply with the Community Reinvestment Act have become "formulaic and ossified" and must be changed to encourage lending practices the law originally intended to foster, the Fed's top regulator said.


Fed, OCC back proposal to ease big-bank capital measure — without FDIC


The agencies proposed changes to the way they apply a capital backstop to the largest systemically important firms, replacing a static leverage ratio with a more dynamic ratio that takes each bank’s risk profile into account.


Banks vs. aggregators: Who’ll budge in the data-sharing battle?


The CFPB's data-sharing guidance was widely applauded, but mistrust remains between banks and aggregators. Advocates want regulators to take action.


How Wells’ CMO is repairing the bank’s reputation; Maria Vullo talks tough


Wells Fargo’s chief marketing officer Jamie Moldafsky shared how social media is helping the bank recover from its account-opening crisis; Maria Vullo explains her tough stance on bank crime, despite maintaining a lower profile than her predecessor.