Lael Brainard

Is partisanship seeping into bank regulators’ discourse?


Compared with incendiary fights elsewhere in the capital, deliberations among the banking agencies tend to be more banal. But on issues from the Volcker Rule to CRA reform, disagreements lately between officials have grown sharper.


Fed issues final rule clarifying standards for bank investors


The new regulation aims to standardize the process for determining if those owning less than a quarter of a bank must comply with holding company requirements.


Regulators propose Volcker Rule changes to allow VC stakes


In another rollback of the bank trading ban, the federal agencies unveiled a plan to allow financial institutions to invest in multiple companies through certain fund structures.


Fed chief endorses Brainard's critique of CRA plan


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said he was “comfortable” with a recent speech by Gov. Lael Brainard objecting to significant aspects of the Community Reinvestment Act plan proposed by the OCC and FDIC.


CRA overhaul may get messy; Student loans vulnerable in bankruptcy


Fed proposal is at odds with the one offered by the FDIC and OCC; judge wants to dispel the “myth” that student loans can’t be expunged in bankruptcy.


Fed's Brainard delivers sharp rebuke of CRA revamp plan


Though she stopped short of mentioning the FDIC and OCC by name, Fed Gov. Lael Brainard objected to several key elements of those agencies' proposal.


Fed's Brainard sees solid economy, backs change to monetary policy


In the Fed's quest to bring inflation back to its 2% target, Gov. Brainard recommended pursuing a policy she called “flexible inflation averaging.”


Brainard has eye on imbalances; Discount window forsaken


Fed governor again calls for using the countercyclical buffer at banks; bank borrowing from Fed on pace for lowest total ever.


Reg concerns about Libra ‘should be no surprise’: Fed’s Brainard


With policymakers casting doubt on Facebook's cryptocurrency and some of the social media giant's partners pulling out, a Federal Reserve governor continued the drumbeat of criticism.


Fed eases rules on big regionals; Deutsche denies it has Trump tax returns


Large banks will have less onerous capital rules and stress test requirements; the president’s main lender said it has other returns, but not the president’s.