Lael Brainard

AI must be scrutinized by regulators, top Fed official warns


The Federal Reserve is paying close attention to how it might regulate artificial intelligence and machine learning, Fed Gov. Lael Brainard said in a speech Tuesday.


Lighter reg touch could be mixed blessing for regionals


The Federal Reserve Board plan to revise its post-crisis framework promises reduced compliance costs and other benefits. But some analysts see the removal of guardrails as increasing failure risk, which may spook investors.


Fed draws line in sand on easing big banks’ burden


Regional banks were the ultimate winners in the Federal Reserve’s proposal to tailor supervision, but rules for the biggest banks remained largely unchanged.


CRA credit for high-speed internet access?


Better web access, paid for by banks, could go a long way toward moving the unbanked into the mainstream. It was one of many ideas batted around at a recent a conference on the role fintech can play in promoting financial inclusion.


Fed looks to public to help define role on faster payments


For more than a year, the central bank has been under pressure to speed the development of a real-time payment system. But it faces tough questions about what its own role should be.


Fed will have the say on key parts of OCC’s fintech charter


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has been taking the lead on a federal license for fintech firms, but the central bank will decide if such companies can access the payments system and other benefits.


Fed finalizes rule limiting banks' exposure to single trading partner


The rule hews closely to a 2016 proposal but the central bank made a notable change to reflect a higher threshold for banks considered "systemically important."


Volcker Rule gets a facelift: Here are 5 takeaways


Compliance changes proposed by the Fed would likely please banks, but reactions to the plan from past and current policymakers have been wildly different.


No, regulators did not gut the Volcker Rule


The proposal to ease compliance with the Volcker Rule was portrayed as a rollback of the Dodd-Frank ban on proprietary trading. But it wasn't — here's why.


Regulators extend comment deadline for leverage ratio proposal


Commenters will have more time to weigh in on the plan, by the Fed and OCC, that has triggered divisions among the federal regulators.