Lael Brainard

Fed opens reg relief tent to foreign banks


The Federal Reserve Board unveiled a host of proposed changes to tailor U.S. supervision of foreign firms, as well as a proposal easing “living will” requirements for both domestic and overseas banks.


Are regulators close to consensus on CRA reform?


Recent remarks from top officials at the FDIC and Fed suggest the agencies' recent impasse over reforming the Community Reinvestment Act may be ending.


FDIC chief ties personal story to CRA reform effort


Recounting her family’s financial struggles, Jelena McWilliams said regulatory policy should address the plight of the underbanked.


Fed’s Brainard offers glimpse of what revamped CRA could look like


While the OCC has led the charge on modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act, Gov. Lael Brainard gave a rundown of new ideas under discussion — from updating assessment boundaries to a comprehensive community development test.


Fed votes against deploying big-bank capital buffer


The Federal Reserve voted Wednesday to keep the countercyclical capital buffer at its current level of zero, ending some speculation that the board could be looking at a possible increase.


Federal regulators should speak with one voice on CRA: Fed’s Brainard


Federal Reserve Board Gov. Lael Brainard said public comments demonstrate a desire among stakeholders for reforms to be implemented consistently across the Fed, OCC and CRA.


Tough standards for biggest banks not going away: Fed’s Powell


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell demurs on regulatory relief for largest banks while saying he is “open” to countercyclical buffer.


Would raising capital requirements for a rainy day hasten one?


One Federal Reserve governor’s push to use an untapped capital buffer to counteract potential losses is stoking concerns that such a maneuver could spook financial markets.


Big-bank capital buffer has advantages in current market: Fed's Brainard


The senior central bank official signaled interest in deploying the countercyclical capital tool for the first time as corporate bond risks build.


Fed seeks market data from banks; Regulators encourage new technology


The Fed wants more information on Treasury and mortgage-backed securities; will overlook compliance failures resulting from pilot programs.