housing market

In reg relief era, appraisers become endangered species


A proposal allowing more lenders to skip outside appraisals could remove a hurdle to quick closings, but appraisers say they could be collateral damage.


Housing market signals warning; another Deutsche Bank scandal?


Loans to house flippers dropped 11% in the third quarter, indicating "possible turbulence;" the German bank may have allowed some clients to claim tax credits on stock they didn't own.


Risk is building in the housing market


Home prices are rising and first-time buyers now account for an increasing share of sales, factors that could lead to a surge in defaults during the next economic downturn.


Will Democrats’ midterm success spur progress on GSE reform?


The end of one-party rule in Washington could move the needle on efforts to devise a new housing finance framework.


Fannie, Freddie could fix what ails VA, FHA lending


The Trump administration should consider putting much of the subsidized mortgage lending done by the federal government under the government-sponsored enterprises to improve efficiency and transparency.


Siding with landlords and lenders, Calif. voters reject expanded rent control


Real estate and mortgage industry groups outspent proponents three-to-one to defeat Proposition 10, a measure to allow California municipalities to set local rent control laws.


Mortgage market is ripe for fraud (again)


Growing home prices plus rising interest rates are putting a damper on mortgage lending, which pushes the market to seek out less qualified borrowers and increases the risk of fraud.


The biggest challenge to fixing housing blight


There are ways to fix vacant housing. So why can't we manage to do it?


Marshall Plan: How to fix vacant housing


Can community land trusts and Community Reinvestment Act reform fuel investment to stop urban blight?


Millennials want a house soon, but some buying into purchase myths


Millennials are targeting homeownership within the next few years, but many are buying into certain house-purchasing myths, according to Bank of America.