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Millennials want a house soon, but some buying into purchase myths


Millennials are targeting homeownership within the next few years, but many are buying into certain house-purchasing myths, according to Bank of America.


Sweat equity: What does it cost to build a home?


The crisis in affordable housing has its roots in the high cost of building entry-level single-family homes. But why does it cost so much to build a house? And what did previous generations do to build affordable housing?


'You're either growing or you're dying': The struggle against rural blight


Small towns across the country struggle with vacant housing as much as cities, even though some of those places have plenty of jobs. Geography and a declining population are forcing many rural communities to make hard choices.


The new blue collar job


People need jobs to afford housing, but how can cities attract more jobs to places that need them the most?


The American dream: Is homeownership really the answer?


Can policymakers expand homeownership without endangering the financial system? Should they?


The gentrification dilemma


What happens when neighborhood revitalization is too successful? Some cities that have managed to eliminate blight now face acute shortages of affordable housing.


Building from strength: Inside cities' battle against blight


What does it take to combat vacancy in neighborhoods where it's taken hold? A look into one neighborhood in Baltimore that has bucked the trend, and the approach that city planners use to reinvest in blighted communities.


Dead pledge: The rise and fall of urban homesteading


Programs like Dollar Homes were supposed to shore up flagging cities in the 1970's and 1980's. What went wrong?


'Do you hear me?': How blight is hurting America


Baltimore residents think they have a solution to their vacant housing problem, but the challenge facing them is immense.


Analyzing the <em>other</em> housing crisis


Housing blight — concentrated areas of vacant properties — is harming communities across the country and posing a risk to the financial system. But governments seem powerless to turn it around. We're finding out why. A special 10-part series by American Banker.