housing market

Nobody's Home: A new podcast exploring the other housing crisis


There's a problem in America. Homes are decaying all over the country, even as affordable housing is becoming more scarce. Can we rebuild these communities before it's too late? A trailer introducing a special ten-part podcast series by American Banker.


FHFA needs to curb Fannie and Freddie's insatiable appetites


Instead of shrinking the GSEs, the housing regulator is letting them expand into a host of new products and programs.


Housing bubble or not, the real estate market is in trouble


Despite soaring home prices, other factors needed to inflate a housing bubble are absent from the real estate market. But experts warn falling home values and rising mortgage defaults are inevitable, even if conditions naturally cool off.


Here's how blockchain could help the mortgage industry


Governments are studying ways blockchain can safeguard property records and simplify how they get tracked.


Senate Dems criticize Carson over HUD enforcement practices


Senate Democrats accused Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and his agency of failing to enforce fair housing laws.


Don’t let the 30-year mortgage sway housing policy


As policymakers take another crack at housing finance reform, federal leaders and the housing lobby are once again perpetuating the false notion that ending government guarantees would cause the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage to vanish.


FHA premium cut would make homes less affordable, not more


The agency should resist renewed calls to lower insurance premiums. Doing so would increase demand and raise home prices, negating any proposed benefits.


C&I loan standards ease as competition intensifies: Fed


Credit standards for commercial loans to medium and large firms showed some signs of easing over the last three months of 2017, even though demand stayed relatively unchanged.


No good reason for banks to offer more government-backed mortgages


Weak profits and the threat of false claims charges are keeping banks out of the market for loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs.


For housing market, tax reform is a wrench in the works


The recently enacted tax reform bill is likely to encourage more consumers to rent instead of buy and tamp down on the rapid rise in home prices.