Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac appoints Mark Grier as interim CEO


The company is still searching for someone to fill the roll on a full-time basis, but the $600,000 annual salary cap may limit the candidate pool.



CFPB throws mortgage market another curveball


Some applaud the agency's recent delay of the mandatory compliance date for a new Qualified Mortgage standard. Others say it leads to more uncertainty for lenders, opens the door to additional changes and enables some companies to loosen their underwriting.


CFPB officially proposes delay of QM changes


The agency issued a proposal moving the compliance date for the Qualified Mortgage rule revamp to October 2022.


FHFA proposes living wills for Fannie and Freddie


The proposal would require the government-sponsored enterprises to craft resolution plans similar to regulations imposed on the largest U.S. banks.


Supreme Court hints FHFA's Calabria could keep job after all


Many have assumed the high court would rule that presidents can fire the Federal Housing Finance Agency director at will. But during oral arguments in a case challenging the agency’s structure, some justices suggested they could stop short of such a decision.


Freddie Mac CEO David Brickman resigns, interim leader appointed


Freddie Mac representatives would not comment on the sudden resignation of Brickman. Interim CEO Michael Hutchins has served as Freddie’s executive vice president of investments and capital markets since January 2015.


Former FDIC head Sheila Bair to chair Fannie Mae board


One of the top banking regulators during the 2008 financial crisis could have a hand in nudging Fannie Mae out of conservatorship.


Oversight council warns of systemic threat from Fannie, Freddie


The Financial Stability Oversight Council said the mortgage giants may need a bigger capital cushion than their regulator has proposed, but stopped short of designating them as “systemically important financial institutions.”


Calabria to Congress: If you don’t like crisis fee, then fund GSEs


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been slammed for planning an additional refinancing charge to cover COVID-related losses, but the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency defended the policy in House testimony.


Could capital plan for Fannie and Freddie stymie homeownership?


The Federal Housing Finance Agency's proposal could undermine the companies’ mission to support the housing market and penalize consumers in underserved communities, industry and consumer groups say.