Freddie Mac

Calabria to Congress: If you don’t like crisis fee, then fund GSEs


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been slammed for planning an additional refinancing charge to cover COVID-related losses, but the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency defended the policy in House testimony.


Could capital plan for Fannie and Freddie stymie homeownership?


The Federal Housing Finance Agency's proposal could undermine the companies’ mission to support the housing market and penalize consumers in underserved communities, industry and consumer groups say.


CFPB’s latest underwriting revamp seen as boon to fintechs, GSEs


The agency’s plan to extend the "qualified mortgage" stamp of approval to more loans could help lenders that rely on alternative data and cushion the blow of other QM changes for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


PayPal picks Optus Bank, BofA's alleged sales push, Citi's snafu: Top stories of the week


Why PayPal just deposited $50 million in tiny Optus Bank; ex-Bank of America employees allege 'extreme pressure' to sell credit cards; the Citi snafu may bring fresh scrutiny to custodial banks; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Credit unions fear planned GSE fee could cut into mortgage profits


Refinancing has been one of the bright spots in a difficult year for lending, and the industry has concerns that a fee to be imposed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could slow down the business.


Agencies extend freeze on foreclosures and evictions to end of year


Both the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Federal Housing Administration are extending relief for homeowners and renters due to the pandemic crisis.


Fannie and Freddie pushing COVID refi fee to December


The mortgage giants were criticized earlier this month for a plan to charge an "adverse market fee" to protect against losses resulting from the pandemic.


Refi fee will wipe out millions in mortgage profits


Lenders initally won't be able to pass on the cost of the Federal Housing Finance Agency's "adverse market fee" to borrowers whose rates on GSE-backed mortgages and refinances are already locked in.


Fee to shield Fannie, Freddie from COVID losses draws instant backlash


The new “adverse market fee” for refinanced mortgages resembles steps the companies took to combat the 2008 mortgage crisis. But critics charge it isn’t necessary and will hurt borrowers’ ability to tap into low rates.


Multifamily borrowers in forbearance cannot evict tenants, FHFA says


The agency said property owners can enter into new or modified forbearance plans if they have a hardship due to the coronavirus, but the landlords must agree not to kick out renters solely for nonpayment of rent.