Freddie Mac

Servicers to feds: Stopgap plans not enough against coronavirus


Ginnie Mae and the FHA provided temporary liquidity relief for mortgage servicers bracing for higher delinquencies, but the industry continues to pressure Treasury and the Fed to provide more comprehensive support.


Dimon returns to work; Fannie, Freddie may need bailout if lockdown persists


The CEO says he is getting stronger and working remotely; if the lockdown lasts several months, the GSEs may need a bailout, FHFA head Mark Calabria says.


FHFA chief: Coronavirus-related delinquencies could outnumber subprime


Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mark Calabria said a virus-induced financial crisis might give rise to more delinquencies and foreclosures than the 2007 subprime mortgage meltdown.


April wave of missed payments could upend mortgage servicers


With economists fearing high unemployment stemming from the pandemic, the housing finance system is grappling with how it will recoup lost revenue from delinquencies, forbearance plans and other tremors.


Relief for underwater homeowners will be different this time, lenders say


Forbearance and loan-modifications programs implemented after the financial crisis left borrowers bewildered and angry. Now the mortgage industry wants to create a common standard for providing relief to homeowners whose livelihoods have been upended by the coronavirus pandemic.


Long-term crisis could put GSEs on unsteady ground, FHFA chief says


Mark Calabria said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently equipped to handle elevated delinquencies, but they might need congressional or Federal Reserve help if fallout from the coronavirus persists.


Regulator predicts delay in GSE capital rule due to pandemic


FHFA Director Mark Calabria said the health crisis will complicate the release of a proposal establishing new capital requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Calls mount for U.S. to halt foreclosures, evictions amid health crisis


A national moratorium would be costly to lenders and servicers, but proponents say it's needed to help cushion the economic blow of the pandemic.


Fannie and Freddie to make record high contributions to housing trust funds


The Federal Housing Finance Agency authorized the government-sponsored enterprises to contribute $502.2 million to two funds that help preserve and build affordable housing.


GSEs may be freed with Treasury backstop, Mnuchin says


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are expected to retain “limited and tailored government support” after they are released from U.S. control, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a letter to lawmakers.