Freddie Mac

Delinquencies and foreclosures won't be as bad as feared, data suggests


Forecasts about the pandemic's impact on the mortgage market have grown less dire after forbearance requests by homeowners nearly leveled off in the first half of May.


Will GSEs' record-high capital requirements scare investors away?


Some observers wonder if proposed regulatory targets for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will stoke concerns about low shareholder returns. But others suggest those fears are unfounded.


FHFA plan would make GSEs hold banklike capital amounts


The much-anticipated proposal, which would not go into effect until after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are privatized, reflects Director Mark Calabria’s aggressive efforts to get the companies on a strong financial footing.


FHFA close to unveiling capital plan for privatized GSEs


Director Mark Calabria, who abandoned the Fannie and Freddie capital proposal written by his predecessor, said he expects a revised framework to be ready “very soon.”


Borrowers in forbearance can refinance under certain conditions: FHFA


The Federal Housing Finance Agency clarified that borrowers with Fannie Mae- or Freddie Mac-backed mortgages who have entered into forbearance plans can be eligible for a refi or new purchase once they are considered “current” on their mortgage.


Fannie, Freddie seek bids from prospective financial advisers


The two mortgage giants said they would begin the process of hiring outside firms to help raise capital that will be needed to exit conservatorship.


FHFA extends eviction and foreclosure moratorium to June 30


The agency's announcement came one day after the agency said it would provide borrowers struggling to stay current with an additional payment deferral option.


Cash-out refis dry up as price hikes prove too costly


Mortgage lenders have imposed steep pricing adjustments for cash-out refinancing as more borrowers seek forbearance.


Cost of GSEs' mortgage market support may be too steep for lenders


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now able to buy loans in forbearance to alleviate pressure on the sector, but the fees charged by the mortgage giants to assume more risk could turn away some originators.


Fannie, Freddie won’t require lump-sum forbearance repayments


The FHFA's director said the announcement is meant to “combat ongoing misinformation” about efforts to let homeowners skip mortgage payments due to the coronavirus pandemic.