Freddie Mac

'You don’t have to like the GSEs': Comments of the week


Readers react to jilted GSE legacy shareholders and a proposal making it harder to cite disparate impact, criticize Democrats asking the CFPB to stop its payday rule revamp and more.


GSE bailout was really a stickup


The Treasury’s takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac left legacy shareholders holding the bag.


Consumer groups, lenders find common cause against CFPB mortgage provision


Though advocates and industry are rarely aligned, they are starting to coalesce around a plan that would call for the elimination of the CFPB’s 43% debt-to-income limit as part of its qualified mortgage rule.


6 banking issues to watch when Congress reconvenes


When lawmakers return from their August recess, there are a host of unresolved financial policy issues — from marijuana banking to anti-money-laundering rule — to greet them.


'A compliance nightmare': Comments of the week


Readers react to regulators revamping the Volcker Rule and the U.S. Postal Service getting into banking, criticize HUD's plan to make it harder for consumers to allege discrimination and more.


Bank bonds holding their own; Warren’s beef with Wells


While bank stocks flounder, their bonds are seen as a haven against a possible recession; the senator asks bank about overdraft fees on closed accounts.


Taxpayers are the GSEs' true stockholders


Complaints made by legacy shareholders of Freddie Mac have no value after the Treasury Department pumped up Freddie and Fannie Mae through conservatorship.


FHFA reverses course, will let VantageScore pitch model to GSEs


The regulator of the government-sponsored enterprises retreated from an earlier proposal that had barred VantageScore because of its ties to the credit bureaus.


New villain in battle over CFPB mortgage rule: Appendix Q


With the agency mulling changes to the “Qualified Mortgage” regulation, mortgage lenders say little-known standards for how they document a borrower’s income would be a good place to start.


Lenders dread prospect of Fannie, Freddie losing CFPB exemption


Many in the industry say releasing GSE-backed loans from stringent underwriting rules has helped the housing market recover, but a new level of regulatory burden could reverse those gains.