Faster payments

7 (realistic) predictions about fintech in 2019


Even the best technologies take time, making it necessary to rein in expectations about what will happen and won't happen in the coming year.


Bank stocks plunge but CEOs bullish; BofA makes exec changes


While equity prices drop an average 5% at big banks, bosses express confidence in the U.S. economy; the bank appoints new managers in payments, consumer banking and marketing.


Fed’s quandary: Build or not build a real-time payment network


Whatever the central bank decides, it is sure to ruffle a lot of feathers in the industry.


Is fear of fraud holding back faster payments?


Proponents of real-time payments systems say banks must embrace them given consumer demand for more immediacy and transparency, even if criminals will try to exploit them.


How fraudsters surprised British banks


As U.S. banks move toward faster payments, they should heed the lessons U.K. banks learned about criminals after launching their real-time transaction system, says Varo Money's fraud strategy leader.


How Zelle plans to recapture the smaller banks, credit unions it left behind


A year after its launch, Zelle’s P2P payment volume has rapidly expanded through usage at the nation’s largest banks. But enabling smaller institutions to offer it to their customers is proving to be more challenging.


Congressional Black Caucus members urge Fed action on faster payments


In a letter Monday to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell, the four House Democrats argued that the nation’s aging payments system is contributing to economic inequality.


Fast payments, prepaid cards, debt counseling: What Gen Z wants from banks


Banks will have to re-engineer a number of systems to meet the eclectic demands of the generation born roughly in the last 10 to 20 years.


How Zelle, banks combat real-time payment fraud


For bankers and network providers, it’s a given that moving to a real-time payment system like Zelle will lead to an increase in fraud attempts. Here's a look at the ways they're fighting back.


Bank earnings may have upside; Bernie targets banks


Profits at big banks should be solid if not spectacular; the Vermont senator proposes a hard cap on assets held by the biggest banks.