Faster payments

Why Wells Fargo is jumping on the digital currency bandwagon


It's not a reaction to JPM Coin, the banks says, but a way to speed up international payments for corporate clients.


New front opens in fight over Fed's real-time payments network


Community banks and tech companies that are happy the central bank is building a next-generation system are not as pleased with its four- to five-year timeline. But big banks see the slow rollout as an opportunity to expand their own instant payment network.


Call for faster paychecks overlooks key facts


The Fed's development of a real-time payments systems has sparked a pointless debate about paper checks.


MetaBank sees consumer demand for faster payments


A new study released by the prepaid issuer MetaBank finds that most consumers want businesses to use faster payment methods when sending them money for refunds, rebates and claim payments.


Fed names leader for development of real-time payment system


Kenneth Montgomery, a top executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, will head the push to make faster payments available across the industry in the next four to five years.


Digit savings app drops fee for instant overdraft protection


The San Francisco-based fintech is using JPMorgan Chase’s real-time payments service to power the updated overdraft prevention tool.


6 banking questions for the next Democratic debate


From housing finance to Facebook’s crypto plans, moderators questioning the presidential candidates in Texas next month would have no shortage of financial policy topics from which to pick.


'The whole situation is frustrating': Comments of the week


Readers react to the Fed's lengthy plan for a real-time payments system and Fifth Third's minimum wage increase, jab at Sen. Warren's absence on the Senate Banking Committee and more.


Is Fed vote on real-time payments a sign of a wider split?


Vice Chairman Randal Quarles’ public dissent raises questions about how the board will proceed on other policy debates.


The Fed's real-time payments system; Sen. Wyden wants answers from Amazon


The payments system, called FedNow, would go head-to-head against one built by big banks; the senator from Oregon wants Amazon to address vulnerabilities in its cloud data storage.