Fair Housing Act

Acting CFPB chief signals tougher stance against redlining


After the agency pulled back on fair-lending enforcement in the Trump administration, interim Director Dave Uejio has made clear his intent to use the “disparate impact” standard to launch more anti-discrimination probes.


Biden calls on HUD to examine Trump-era changes to fair housing rules


The president’s executive action looks to assess the impact of the previous administration's alterations to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing and Disparate Impact rules, while reinforcing Biden’s vow to eliminate discriminatory lending practices.


Will CFPB's QM proposal create new housing bubble?


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's overhaul of its Qualified Mortgage standard is alarming free-market advocates who say it will precipitate a return to easy credit and higher defaults and could disproportionately harm minorities.


HUD’s disparate impact rule is a ‘get out of jail free’ card


The bar to prove discriminatory patterns is so high that plaintiffs would have slim odds of winning lawsuits against housing providers.


Lawmakers want inquiry into report that OCC halted redlining probes


Senate Democrats asked a watchdog to examine whether the bank regulator failed to investigate claims of discrimination against at least six banks.


BofA settles federal fair housing discrimination claim for $300K


Due to possible exploitation, Bank of America instituted a policy that limited loans to persons in guardianships, but later ended that policy.


Trump rolls back fair housing rule with executive order


The Trump administration's executive order to terminate and replace federal enforcement of anti-discrimination policies at the local level, citing the burden it put on municipalities, enraged advocates of equitable housing practices.


Trump’s attempt to weaken fair housing rules is beyond tone deaf


The White House's efforts to loosen equality requirements in lending run counter to the widespread demand for racial justice. Congress must act.