‘Fintech as a service’ provider Rapyd becomes Durable Capital’s first investment


Former T. Rowe Price portfolio manager Henry Ellenbogen is making Rapyd his first bet.


California's fintech startups are invading New York


In some ways, the moves are natural for tech startups with financial ambitions. Despite the growing success of fintech upstarts hailing from San Francisco, Wall Street institutions remain on top of the financial world.


Fintechs tell small businesses they’ll ‘make the headache go away’


In marketing themselves to small companies, challenger banks are offering cool gadgets and a sympathetic ear about the hassles of being bank customers.


Small-business challenger bank BlueVine raises $102.5 million


The startup — whose backers include CitiVentures, SVB Capital and Microsoft's venture fund — says it's building an end-to-end platform for small businesses that integrates loans, checking, payments and other services.


Google partners with Citi to offer customers checking accounts


Google has partnered with Citigroup and a California credit union to offer consumer checking accounts, a person familiar with the matter said.


Bias probe or not, the Apple Card is setting a new standard for banks


The tech company’s card seems to be raising consumers’ expectations that they should be able to get and use a card instantly and receive useful notifications.


BBVA, Prosper partner on digital home equity lines of credit


Prosper hopes to do for lines of credit what it did for unsecured personal loans, while BBVA hopes to provide a better experience for customers.


Is Big Tech’s ‘for the people’ rhetoric legit?


Large tech companies have been driving home the message that they can help the many Americans who struggle financially. But there are good reasons to be skeptical of their intentions.


Digit's latest feature tackles student loan debt


Digit is applying its automated-savings techniques to the growing problem of student loan debt.


'Data is being hoarded' by tech companies: BBVA's Carlos Torres Vila


Unlocking the information that technology companies have on consumers would benefit banks and society overall, the chairman of the Spanish banking giant said.