Should banks be worried about skyrocketing fintech valuations?


Speculation is part of the reason for the growing differential in market capitalization between legacy financial institutions and upstarts. But one venture capitalist says it's "a call to action" for traditional banks to match fintechs' all-digital, customer-friendly services.


Small banks urged to hone skills acquired during pandemic


The coronavirus outbreak has taught community bankers to think on their feet and experiment. Speakers at an industry conference this week advised their peers to stay innovative to ensure they endure in a changing world.


Plaid launches real-time updates on account activity


Banks that work with the data aggregator will tell it when account updates are ready, so it can refresh fintech (or bank) apps immediately.


Google checking accounts, debt collection tech, PPP loan sell-off: Top stories of the week


Why banks want in on Google checking accounts; readying new tech tools to tackle anticipated rise in delinquencies; more institutions opt to sell PPP loans as heavy lifting nears; and more from this week’s most-read stories.


Which fintechs will survive the pandemic?


Business models and adaptability will determine the success — or failure — of financial technology companies as they deal with fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.


Varo Money gets new backers and closer to bank charter


The mobile bank raised $241 million in its Series D round of funding, and expects to receive approval from regulators to become a nationally chartered bank this summer.


Shopify unveils plan to offer banking services to merchants


The global e-commerce site is rolling out a suite of banking tools for its growing U.S. user base later this year that will help them bank and manage their businesses all in one spot.