Metro Bank shares plunge as regulators circle


Metro Bank, the lender founded by U.S. entrepreneur Vernon Hill, plunged to a record low after it disclosed that British regulators are probing how it misclassified assets, an incident that prompted a share sale.


Metro Bank will raise about $464 million through share sale


Metro Bank, the U.K. challenger bank seeking to fix a shortfall on its balance sheet, said it expects to raise about £350 ($464 million) through selling shares.


Mick Mulvaney was ‘a disaster' as CFPB chief: Raj Date


The former deputy director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shares his thoughts on the bureau's evolution, payday lending, and fintech regulation.


Why this small bank created a separate, digital-first brand


Midwest BankCentre in St. Louis, with the help of a stable of fintechs, started Rising Bank to keep up with big banks in the hunt for deposits and millennial customers.


People, pets, pay: Secrets of the Best Fintechs to Work For


Nap pods and beanbag chairs are nice, but what employees really care about are personal respect and generous compensation. Oh, and it helps to be dog-friendly.


The challenger banks catering to gig-economy workers


The rise of Uber, Lyft, Etsy, Kaggle and other forms of freelance work has sparked a new generation of specialist fintechs.


Online bank Chime is said to near funding at $1.5 billion value


Chime, a financial technology startup that offers online banking services, is close to raising $300 million at a $1.5 billion valuation, according to two people familiar with the matter.


‘A lot of people are going to get hurt’: Petrou on fintech risk


Policymakers need to update banking regulations to minimize the risks posed by technology companies entering financial services, a well-known policy analyst says in a new paper.


EU charges 8 banks with price fixing; FBI, police foil bank moles


The European Commission says eight unnamed banks operated as a cartel in the €7 trillion eurozone government bond market; authorities detected a 150-foot tunnel leading to a JPMorgan Chase branch in Florida.


Startup Anchorage invades cryptocustody turf coveted by banks


The company protects digital assets with hardware-based security, biometrics and quorums. Hedge funds are already signing on.