Massachusetts assembles fintech panel after crypto crackdown


Digital-asset companies will try to develop a less adversarial relationship with the state's securities regulator, who stopped several startups from selling digital currencies as investments.


Protecting new currency from old-school market manipulation


Crypto exchanges are adopting anti-fraud surveillance tools as they attempt to root out pump-and-dump schemes, insider trading and bogus orders.


5 things JPM Coin will do for banking and blockchain


JPMorgan's blockchain effort could lead to solutions that overcome industry skepticism and regulatory concerns and perhaps attract more mainstream retail interest.


How will rivals respond to JPM Coin?


Barclays, Bank of America, TD Bank and other banks have filed multiple blockchain patents over the years, but have yet to publicly announce their plans for the technology.


The case that’s challenging bitcoin’s status as payment instrument


Undercover cops arrested a Miami Beach man for trying to sell bitcoin for dollars. Carlton Fields attorney Matthew Kohen explains what the case means to banks.


Startup Anchorage invades cryptocustody turf coveted by banks


The company protects digital assets with hardware-based security, biometrics and quorums. Hedge funds are already signing on.


Thriving on bitcoin's bust, lenders aid both fanatics and shorts


As a growing number of cryptocurrency ventures struggle for funding, cut staff or shut down, all is well in one small corner of the industry: lending.


Advice for crypto firms on joining financial mainstream


More traditional players interested in creating a safer market for digital assets have issued a checklist that cryptocurrency firms can follow to build confidence among banks, consumers and regulators.


Why bank stocks are floundering; blockchain firms retrench


Expected weaker fundamentals, stock buybacks and higher interest rates all to blame; firms are downsizing as bitcoin prices crash.


Crypto asset startup founded by ex-BNY Mellon banker raises $8 million


Trustology protects private keys to digital assets the way parking valets look after car keys.