Layoffs at JPM; SEC rejects nine bitcoin ETFs


The 100 dismissals in asset management follow job cuts in other divisions; the agency cites the lack of protections against fraud and market manipulation.


Banks explore a safe deposit box for cryptocurrencies


They are disinclined to talk about it much yet, but the big three trust banks as well as JPMorgan and Goldman are said to be mulling custody services that would help shield wealthy bitcoin investors from theft. Here are the selling points and the risks.


Crypto bank makes belated debut after bitcoin plunge


The cryptocurrency-focused merchant bank Galaxy Digital, led by a former Goldman Sachs partner, will start trading on a Toronto exchange this week. Its journey is a cautionary tale in regulatory risk.


Walmart picks Capital One; CFPB to emphasize collaboration


The retailer is ending its nearly two-decade credit card relationship with Synchrony Financial; Mulvaney says the bureau will first negotiate, not sue, to settle disputes.


Bitcoin bounces back; Southern community banks merge


The digital currency’s price has rebounded to over $8,000 as a new ETF is in the works; three deals may indicate a resurgence of small bank M&A.


‘FHFA is a toothless tiger’: Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on the Federal Housing Finance Agency's leadership structure, react to a recent data-sharing debate, opine on whether banks should let consumers use their credit cards to buy bitcoin and more.


Should banks let people buy bitcoin with credit cards?


Large card issuers began banning cryptocurrency purchases on their cards in February. But fintechs are allowing consumers to purchase and invest in digital currencies, and they say the risk is minimal.


Bitcoin was Russian hackers' currency of choice, U.S. says


For years, bitcoin believers have tried to distance the digital coin from the perception that it's only used for criminal activity. New insights into Russian meddling in the U.S. election aren't helping.


Square's many flirtations with banking


The mobile point of sale pioneer Square has done much to expand its product range to stay competitive, and a few of those efforts have made the company more of a direct threat to banks.


Credit Suisse settles nepotism charges; JPM broaches Brexit


The Swiss bank allegedly hired Chinese officials’ friends and relatives to win business; JPM asked “several dozen” employees to consider moving from London.