Cornell professor launches own crypto coin


Some of the biggest venture capitalists in the field are backing a new digital currency being offered by a leading blockchain academic.


5 questions about the future of blockchain


Although the euphoria over blockchain has dissipated recently, many still see it as vital to the future of banks and the economy at large. Following are key issues being hashed out.


Bitcoin bounces back; CFPB reviewing overdraft fee rule


"Institutional support" spurs cryptocurrency price gains; the regulation limits what banks can charge for going negative on accounts.


The Wall Street banks bullish on blockchain


Some banks have backed away from the technology, but Northern Trust, State Street and JPMorgan Chase are among those actively working on blockchain projects.


Goldman Sachs: We'll bet on crypto when it's more stable


Martin Chavez, global co-head of the securities division at Goldman, suggested the bank is unlikely to fully support crypto until such currencies have the backing of the U.S. government.


Goldman not yet talking 1MDB settlement; Standard Chartered plans buybacks


CEO Solomon says the bank has not yet begun discussions with DOJ about its role in the scandal; the $1 billion buyback would be its first in 20 years.


Big investors welcomed by Fed; Morgan Stanley shifts top woman executive


The Fed wants to make it easier for investors to own big stakes in banks without triggering oversight; Shelley O’Connor has been named head of the firm's two regulated bank entities.


'Get your facts right': Crypto firm disputes New York license denial


Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex is protesting New York's decision this week to deny it a virtual license exchange, claiming that its rationale contains factual errors and its personnel were not well versed in blockchain.


Crypto players 'need to get their acts together': Q&A with Andrew Hinkes


As bankers' skepticism about blockchain deepens, crypto firms should demonstrate how the technology can help financial companies, such as by extending access to the underbanked, says Hinkes, a prominent advocate of blockchain.


Marcus product chief leaves; BBVA unveils loan tied to digital milestones


The executive is leaving after two years of coast-to-coast commuting; the interest rate on the loan declines as the borrower achieves technology goals.