How alleged Asian crypto scam became headache for Comerica, Mastercard


A digital currency firm has been accused of recruiting actors to pretend to be Comerica and Mastercard employees, writing a fake prospectus and taking other steps to make it look like the two U.S. companies were its partners in an investment venture.


Deutsche Bank plans new tech division; bitcoin futures platform fizzles


The German bank is trying to reverse its reputation for “lousy systems;” the Bakkt platform has failed to attract much trading in its first two weeks.


Virtual Currency's New Frontier: Cryptocollateral


States are just beginning to regulate cryptocurrency as a credit collateral for lenders. More can be done.


Cryptocurrency AML software vendor Elliptic gets $23 million in funding


The company sees increasing consumer demand for cryptocurrency, especially in Asia, and gradual acceptance among financial institutions.


FedNow service and blockchain closely linked


Crypto technology will play a major role in the central bank's real-time payments system.


Trump, bank executives huddle; Bitcoin futures trading near


The president discussed the recent market turmoil with three large bank CEOs; a daily and a monthly bitcoin contract expected next month.


Capital One hacker’s other targets; yield curve inversion slaps banks


The former Amazon employee got info from 30 other entities, prosecutors say; another bad day for bank stocks, with 3% losses typical.


Blockchain, crypto tech need clear rules of the road


Ambiguity about which laws apply to blockchain technology has prevented certain companies from doing business in the United States.


Once a doubter, TD is now bullish on crypto, blockchain


It's created a new digital assets and distributed ledger group, trades bitcoin futures and is funding a crypto exchange.


Facebook's crypto plans are 'a national security issue,' Mnuchin says


The Treasury secretary said the U.S. government has significant concerns about digital currencies, including their potential as tools for money launderers.