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Bankruptcy Case Search and Monitoring

Full Access to All Bankruptcy Courts
Instant access to all federal records from the courts directly. Find any case nationwide and access complete dockets, claims registers and more. Having everything you need in one place causes everyone to adopt a platform quickly and easily.
Significantly Reduce Court Costs
Your cases along with the millions of records in our repository are free to monthly subscribers. If you ever need something else from the courts, once it is retrieved from the courts at the pass through cost, we instantly store it so you will never have to pay the courts twice for the same thing like you do now.
Advanced Tools to Streamline Tasks
Use our advanced toolkit to perform tasks like combining PDFs, downloading ZIP files and previewing pleadings. You can also download spreadsheets for a list of attorneys or parties on a case.
Bookmark and Track Cases
Our tools simplify monitoring and tracking new court filings. Get autommatic updates and email alerts. Never miss important filings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a day pass?

A day pass lets you use our limited portions of our site for a continuous 24-hour period. During your 24-hours, you can look up as many cases as you want.

Do you offer any refunds?

No. We do not offer any refunds per section 1.5 of our terms of service. If you have any questions prior to signing up, please email us at contact @

Can I set alerts while using a day pass?

No. Because your access will expire in 24-hours, you will not be able to make use of global alerts.

Are there any other charges to access court records?

Yes, you will be responsible for any pass through costs to the courts. If we have your desired document in our inventory, it will be free to our subscribers. Otherwise you will have to purchase Case Credits or input your PACER credentials.

What are Case Credits, and why do I need to buy any?

Case Credits are used to purchase case documents and information. While Inforuptcy searches are free, the court costs are passed through, so you will need to purchase a minimum of $5.00 worth of Case Credits for 1-click access to the courts. Purchase and use of Case Credits are subject to our Payment and Billing Terms.

Since the Limited Plan does NOT include access to Asset listings, which plan would?

Great question! You will need to purchase our Maverick plan or higher here. You can purchase either a day pass or monthly subscription.