Virtual assistants

BofA adapting consumer tech for use with corporate clients


Bank of America is applying a familiar arsenal — including APIs and its popular virtual assistant, Erica — to online business banking, cross-border payments and cash management in an effort to modernize those services.


Fintech partnerships help TD weather the pandemic


Mobile and online banking technologies that the Toronto bank previously rolled out, including a virtual assistant developed by Kasisto and money management tools made by Moven, have become much more popular since the arrival of COVID-19.


'Banking is boring': Sberbank's radical transformation to tech firm


Russia's largest bank is reinventing itself as a technology company and selling its own consumer electronic devices. Its chief tech officer says the moves are all about developing broader, more enduring customer relationships that the bank controls fully.


U.S. Bank ties expense report management to virtual cards


The bank worked with TravelBank, a fintech, to offer virtual cards and an app that automatically generates expense reports.


Bank of America's patent machine keeps rolling


BofA, which has applied for or been granted thousands of patents, has been working recently on technologies that analyze spending patterns to give budgeting advice and use augmented reality to provide estate-planning services.


Banks are stepping up tech for people with disabilities


U.S. Bank and Regions revamped their apps with accessibility in mind; JPMorgan Chase built a branch for customers who are deaf. Such efforts can help banks appeal to more customers in existing markets.


Banks model site search upgrades on Google


BBVA and U.S. Bank are fine-tuning the search functions on their sites and apps to improve navigation, sales and customer retention.


Bank of America dominates digital banking. Here’s how it plans to stay ahead.


The bank is making continuous improvements, including integrating Merrill Lynch accounts into its banking app and adding a security feature to Zelle.


Truist’s pandemic chatbot could have staying power


Built to respond to borrowers' questions about mortgage deferrals, the bot created by Salesforce is evolving and in the future could schedule appointments, answer questions about new digital products or help with emergencies.


Banks ready new tech tools to tackle debt collection


KeyBank, Regions and others are using self-service portals, robotic processing automation and virtual assistants to digitize the collections process and make it more humane in anticipation of rising delinquencies.