U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank enables mobile payments for Visa corporate cards


U.S Bank’s commercial Visa card customers can now use their smartphones to make corporate payments via Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.


The Wells Fargo problem has only started for other banks


Banks like TD and U.S. Bancorp are suddenly taking public shots from current and former employees critical of their sales practices, a sign that the industry has not put behind it the questions raised months ago by the phony-accounts scandal at Wells.


Tracking the detractors: How U.S. Bank keeps tabs on review sites


U.S. Bank has gone from monitoring Yelp to working with the technology firm ReviewTrackers to monitor customer comments on 23 sites.


Why branch bankers shouldn't fear bots


While much of artificial intelligence technology is about automating tasks, it also holds the possibility of enhancing bankers' ability to serve customers.


How API partnerships could help banks win back small biz


Banks are partnering with tech companies to win back some of the small-business customers that the industry lost to fintechs.


Will new U.S. Bancorp chief's playbook deliver on offense?


With U.S. Bancorp's leadership transition underway, the big question is whether it will deliver faster earnings growth — the one shareholder demand that has proven elusive.


Four ways banks are turning the tables on cybercriminals


Instead of sitting around waiting for the next cyberattack, banks are trying to get a little ahead – without breaking the law.


Tax cuts for banks (if they happen) may not go where you think


If Washington lowers taxes as much as banks and the rest of corporate America hope, it will yield a bonanza of earnings per share, new tech investments or investor dividends … right? Not exactly, bank leaders warn.


Bank CEOs ask lawmakers to ease capital rules, repeal Durbin cap


Regional banks don’t pose risks to the financial system that have caused concern among policymakers, executives of 18 banks told top Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Congress.


Regional bankers manage expectations on lending


Corporate borrowers aren’t ready just yet to pull the trigger on multimillion-dollar loans to buy fleets of trucks or scads of new inventory despite excitement about a more business-friendly Washington, lenders cautioned.