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Household debt hits new high as low rates boost mortgage demand


Home loan originations rose by double digits in the third quarter while auto loan originations approached an all-time high, according to new household credit data from the New York Fed.


Experian offers help to borrowers; Goldman scouts Europe


The credit bureau will consider borrowers’ rental payment history and professional licenses; bank looks to build business on the other side of the Atlantic.


What's Wrong with PSLF and How to Fix It


The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program has so far rejected roughly 99,000 out of 100,000 student loan borrower applicants. Poor Education Department oversight, poor contract design and implementation, and widespread servicing contractor failures are as much to blame as problems in the legislative and regulatory program design. Making this program work to provide loan relief for potentially millions of public servants requires a comprehensive set of fixes. US Ed.


Amex's immigrant assist, the Libor void, bank failures: Top stories of the week


New tech lets American Express instantly issue cards to immigrants; the end of Libor raises concerns about financial stability; regulators shutter banks in Kentucky and Ohio; and more from this week's most-read stories.


USED could have seen PSLF Fail coming


The Department of Education (USED) knew by 2016 that hundreds of thousands of student loan borrowers planning to apply for public loan service forgiveness (PSLF) were headed for rejection as they started applying in late 2017. The Department conducted a review of servicing contractor PHEAA’s administration of PSLF on October 25, 2016, about a year before the first cohort of borrowers would become eligible for loan cancellation.


Digit's latest feature tackles student loan debt


Digit is applying its automated-savings techniques to the growing problem of student loan debt.


Dems demand CFPB investigation of Pa. loan forgiveness program


Nearly two dozen Senate Democrats say the CFPB should "immediately" open up an enforcement investigation into the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency’s loan forgiveness program for alleged mismanagement.


Sallie Mae's student loan servicing changes could prove costly


The nation's largest private student lender plans to curtail its use of forbearance, a move that could well save some borrowers money but could also result in more defaults.


Fifth Circuit Grants Small Victories to Student Loan Debtors

The news for student loan borrowers in bankruptcy is usually so grim that even a small victory is cause to sit up and take notice.   The Fifth Circuit recently handed student loan debtors two small victories, ruling that dischargeability of student loans was not subject to arbitration and that bar exam loans could be discharged.  The cases are Case No. 18-20809, Stephanie Marie Henry v. Educational Financial Service (Matter of Stephanie Marie Henry)(Fifth Cir. 10/17/19) and Case No. 18-20254, Evan Brian Crocker v.