stress tests

Behind the year's second-largest bank deal


Pinnacle Financial wanted to be in high-growth markets. BNC Bancorp saw more regulatory burden looming and limited opportunities to sell itself. Those factors spurred what is currently the year's second-biggest bank deal.


How stress tests can shift the reg relief debate


Using stress tests as the capital benchmark in a reformed regulatory system could enable some forms of relief, but other rules should remain in place to ensure financial stability.


How will stress tests change in the Trump era?


The recent decision by the Federal Reserve Board to exempt banks with less than $250 billion in assets from the qualitative aspects of the CCAR stress tests may be a sign of things to come, says Joo-Yung Lee, head of North American financial institutions at Fitch Ratings.


Fed approves Morgan Stanley's revised capital plan


After questions arose after the 2016 Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review stress test, the Fed said Thursday that it would not object to the bank’s resubmitted capital plan.


Banks must weigh inevitable backlash to Dodd-Frank rollback


As banking leaders gain a more substantial policymaking role, they will have a greater impact if they stake out a clear position in favor of regulations that protect investors and depositors.


Will the Trump era end stress tests as we know them?


Congressional Republicans are weighing potentially broad changes to the stress test program, including alterations to the way the tests are performed and the consequences of failing them.


Hensarling’s leverage ratio plan won’t work without stress tests


The House proposal establishes a 10% leverage ratio as the standard for bank strength, but it says nothing about the riskiness of the bank’s business or the size of its exposure to economic downturns.


The upshot for banking from Yellen's Senate appearance


Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen appeared Tuesday before an uncommonly collegial hearing of the Senate Banking Committee, but the lack of outward drama masked the fact that lawmakers from both parties were using her testimony to lay the groundwork for a broader battle over the future of regulatory reform.


Cheat sheet: Hensarling's plans to gut CFPB, revamp stress tests


A House plan to provide regulatory relief will be more far-reaching when it is reintroduced soon by rendering the consumer protection agency toothless and providing banks with extra incentives to opt into a deregulatory plan.


Deeper recession among Fed stress test scenarios for 2017


The Federal Reserve published the hypothetical stress scenarios it will use as part of the 2017 stress test cycle.