stress tests

CRA’s black box could prove difficult to open


Critics argue that Community Reinvestment Act standards need to be more transparent, but creating more objective measures would require regulators to favor some types of loans over others.


Fed proposes simpler big bank regs; CFPB to tackle unfair lending


Proposal would lower capital requirements for some, raise them for others; Mulvaney says enforcement division will continue to police lending discrimination.


Fed unveils capital proposal aimed at simplifying stress tests


New capital regime expands on concept first articulated by former Fed Gov. Daniel Tarullo to modernize stress tests.


Will regionals boost dividend payouts if SIFI level is raised?


On quarterly earnings calls set to begin next week, investors will be listening closely to CEO comments for any hints of how banks might deploy excess capital if they are no longer deemed systemically important.


Is Dodd-Frank’s <em>other</em> asset threshold destined for the scrap heap?


The biggest legacy of the current regulatory relief effort may be the increasing focus on whether organizing banks in supervisory buckets by asset size makes sense. Yet the bill deals with just one of the two big asset thresholds in the law.


Fed ‘fully prepared’ to regulate banks under $250B: Powell


While regulatory relief legislation would raise the asset threshold for “systemically important” banks, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank could still apply prudential scrutiny to banks below that new cutoff.


Dear Congress: Reg relief bill is a giveaway for large banks


The Senate legislation would weaken scrutiny of large financial institutions, undercutting Dodd-Frank’s mission to provide tailored oversight across the system.


As Senate nears big vote, Dodd-Frank shows its staying power


The Senate is poised to pass the most substantial bank regulatory relief since the crisis, but any disruption of the post-crisis regime is still eclipsed by how much the bill enshrines Dodd-Frank.


House, Senate exploring how to expand reg relief bill: Top GOP leader


House Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., said House lawmakers are having discussions with the Senate about ways to go further on rolling back Dodd-Frank before the Senate is expected to hold a floor vote.


BB&T to pay special dividend due to tax cut


Banks may start paying special dividends now that capital levels have improved.