stress tests

Fed sets dates for public release of 2018 stress tests


The agency will release the results of the Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test on June 21 and the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review on June 28.


With easing of stress tests, bank risk teams have to step up


The regulatory relief legislation rolls back several stress test requirements for regional and midsized banks, putting more onus on financial institutions and their regulators to ensure banks are managing their risk appropriately.


Fed’s Powell: We can’t be independent without being transparent


As the Fed continues to hone post-crisis tools, its chairman said central banks cannot take their independence for granted.


Capital proposals a ‘win-win,’ Fed's Quarles says


The Federal Reserve’s top regulator says proposed capital changes make system safer while overall capital levels are unchanged.


Why some foreign banks might fail new round of stress tests


Overseas firms have been subject to nonpublic versions of the Federal Reserve reviews, but observers say some foreign banks may be tripped up by the public version.


Take the long view in assessing Dodd-Frank


The financial reform law may hinder growth modestly in the short term, but it should be judged by its impact on the economy years down the road.


Quarles wants bank input on stress tests; Banks lending again


Fed vice chair wants to put stress test scenarios out for comment by banks; C&Is outstanding at record level in March.


Fed weighs more transparency, less subjectivity for stress tests: Quarles


The Federal Reserve is considering allowing banks a chance to comment on stress tests before they take them and dropping any qualitative review for the largest banks’ performance, according to Randal Quarles, the central bank’s vice chairman for banking supervision.


Wells Fargo's latest problems go beyond potential $1 billion fine


The bank revealed Friday that it is facing hefty regulatory penalties and will likely have to restate first-quarter earnings. Declines in loan balances and fee income and questions about upcoming stress tests are only adding to investors' worries.


Behold the radical continuity of the Fed’s capital proposals


Over the past week, regulators have proposed the most substantial changes to capital requirements for the largest banks in years, but the most startling thing was how unremarkable they were.