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Misinformation is spreading as much as the coronavirus


The pandemic has fostered the distribution of even more bad information on social media. Banks and other companies need to step up to solve the problem — including support of tougher legal restrictions on internet content.


‘This is shameful and I will advise the media’: Tales from the Twitterverse


Since the coronavirus pandemic began, banks have seen customer posts more than double across their social media platforms. Here's how they are responding to the demand — and the anger.


JPMorgan puts senior credit trader on leave over WhatsApp use


WhatsApp may be a great way to communicate with friends, but when Wall Streeters touch it, their firms get very nervous.


Facebook's bid to break banking


The social media giant says its cryptocurrency project can bring services to the world's unbanked. Lawmakers and regulators aren’t so sure.


House Democrats seek to bar tech firms from operating like banks


Lawmakers circulated a bill just ahead of hearings on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency that would prohibit companies with over $25 billion in annual revenue from launching a digital financial asset.


Facebook thinks it can displace banks. Good luck with that.


Many people still distrust banks, but many also look askance at the social media giant, making it an unlikely savior of the unbanked.


How Heritage Bank is rolling out its first AI chatbot


Lincoln Parks, director of marketing at Heritage Bank, explains the bank’s cautious yet forward-thinking approach to its new virtual assistant.


The next-gen CEO, JPM jumps the snark, TD's cloud jump: Top stories of the week


Exploring the rise of the next-gen bank CEO; backlash over JPMorgan's snarky tweet; TD Bank's calculated shift to the cloud; and more from this week's most-read stories.


After JPMorgan Twitter bungle, how should banks talk about personal finance?


When a tweet drew backlash from customers and politicians on Monday, it brought into question how banks should couch their messages on social media.


Goldman not yet talking 1MDB settlement; Standard Chartered plans buybacks


CEO Solomon says the bank has not yet begun discussions with DOJ about its role in the scandal; the $1 billion buyback would be its first in 20 years.