Regulatory reform

Congress mulls further coronavirus relief for consumers


If Capitol Hill plans another round of stimulus, Democrats could have more leverage to demand steps such as suspending overdraft fees or placing a temporary cap on consumer lending rates.


Fed delays effective date of bank control rule due to coronavirus


The regulation established standards for investors who own less than a quarter of an institution. Banks are getting more time for implementation as they focus on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Virus is Dodd-Frank's first real test


If banks are unable to weather the economic fallout from the outbreak, calls for more dramatic reforms could get louder.


Promontory Interfinancial adds two industry veterans to its board


The network offering an array of vendor services to member banks named former trade group chiefs Camden Fine and Ed Yingling to its board and has hired former American Banker Editor-in-Chief Rob Blackwell as chief content officer and head of external affairs.


OCC proposes eliminating 'outdated' licensing rules


As part of a review, the agency said it had identified requirements dealing with operating subsidiaries, non-controlling investments by banks and other corporate activities that were no longer necessary.


In tell-all, ex-CFPB chief Cordray claims Trump nearly fired him


The release of Richard Cordray's retrospective of his tenure will come one day before the Supreme Court hears a pivotal case about the leadership structure of the agency.


A banker’s guide to Super Tuesday


While the Democratic debates have had little discussion about financial policy, the remaining presidential contenders have taken noteworthy positions on regulatory relief, antitrust rules and bankruptcy reform, among other issues. Here’s a rundown.


CFPB forced to complete small-business lending rule


After dragging its feet, the agency has agreed to a court-supervised process for writing a Dodd-Frank-mandated rule aimed at stamping out discrimination.


Election 2020: Is nightmare scenario closer to reality for banks?


Bernie Sanders’ rise to front-runner status for the Democratic nomination worries many bankers, but their opinions diverge on his electoral chances and whether a Sanders presidency would pose a direct threat.


Regulators extend CRA comment period, bowing to congressional pressure


In a sudden reversal, the OCC and FDIC said they would push back the deadline to April for groups to weigh in on the proposal to modernize the Community Reinvestment Act.