Regional banks

In C&I, a widening gap between small and large banks


Simple math only partly explains why smaller lenders are adding commercial and industrial loans at a faster clip than their larger counterparts.


Is this the real reason big banks have upper hand in deposit growth?


Big banks’ edge lies in their sizable presence in faster-growing cities, not any unfair structural or regulatory advantages, according to a new report by the Bank Policy Institute, which represents large financial services companies. Community banks beg to differ.


Sounder economic data could pay off for Puerto Rico — and its banks


The federal government's more active role in GDP, payroll and other vital statistics produced by the island could hasten its recovery from Hurricane Maria and lift lending and bank valuations at the same time.


Fed, FDIC to hold public meetings on BB&T-SunTrust deal


The Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. will hold two public meetings on BB&T's planned purchase of SunTrust to consider the deal's impact on the U.S. banking system


BB&T takes on another ambitious project — improving literacy rates


The regional bank, which recently agreed to buy SunTrust, is co-developing a game to help elementary-school kids learn to read.


BB&T-SunTrust seek FDIC as primary federal regulator


The combined bank would be chartered in North Carolina, with the FDIC serving as its lead federal regulator, N.C. Banking Commissioner Ray Grace says. The merger partners had other options, including the Fed and the OCC.


BB&T-SunTrust deal came together with remarkable speed


It took less than six months to hammer out the biggest bank merger in more than a decade, and the price was one of the last things discussed, according to a new federal filing.


Name game: Rebranding BB&T-SunTrust fraught with risk


The banks have no choice but to pick a new name, marketing experts say, but good luck: The best ones may already be taken, made-up names can sound forced, and any change might nudge more customers to rethink their loyalties.


Regions bailing on indirect auto lending


Add the Alabama company to the list of lenders that are disappointed in the returns on loans made through car dealers and the ability to build broader relationships with those borrowers.


'Can't trust these career regulators': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on Democrats' call for more scrutiny of the BB&T-SunTrust merger, changes to the CFPB's payday lending rule, criticism of Square's ILC application and more.