Regional banks

Hotel lending dries up as travelers stay home


Banks are avoiding the once booming hospitality business, or charging a premium for additional credit, as new data shows how big a hit hoteliers have taken from the pandemic.


Banks cutting back on branch services to contain spread of coronavirus


Many institutions said they would close branches, operate drive-throughs only, limit lobby visits to appointments or take other protective steps. Yet others want to stay open to promote public confidence in the banking system.


Mortgage activity rising after Fed's emergency rate cut, Truist chief says


While clients are uneasy about the spread of coronavirus, Kelly King touted the added volume his company has seen from lower rates.


Rate cut could prompt even tighter margins, mortgage surge


The Fed’s decision to cut its benchmark interest rate amid growing coronavirus concerns is bound to have an impact on banks, but just how broad and how deep remains to be seen.


Banks walk fine line in preparing for a coronavirus outbreak in U.S.


As the COVID-19 virus spreads globally, many U.S. financial institutions are said to be taking steps to protect employees and minimize disruption. But only a handful are sharing specifics, to avoid contributing to any public panic.


A vetting guide for banks mulling fintech partnerships


The game has changed and bank executives will have to do more homework before striking a deal.


The big squeeze: Banks pushed to hike pay at inopportune time


The tight labor market and public pressure to raise minimum wages are expected to nudge noninterest expenses upward in a year when the watchword is cost control.


Heartland banks have a new worry in turbulent ethanol business


Ag lenders say the Trump administration’s waivers for oil refineries threaten another source of revenue for corn growers and ethanol makers.


Synovus hires former Regions execs to form affordable housing business


The additions come as the Georgia regional looks to maintain momentum in commercial lending.


What increase in buybacks says about bankers' outlook


Anticipating a weaker economy and added pressure on stock prices, banks authorized more repurchases of outstanding shares last year.