Real-time payments

Fighting payment fraud, rate chasers, and a dearth in diversity: Top stories of the week


How banks and network providers combat real-time payment fraud; online banks try new pricing strategies; the Most Powerful Women in Banking call for greater leadership diversity; and more from this week's most-read stories.


How Zelle, banks combat real-time payment fraud


For bankers and network providers, it’s a given that moving to a real-time payment system like Zelle will lead to an increase in fraud attempts. Here's a look at the ways they're fighting back.


U.S. Bank's big AML fine, Mulvaney in hot seat, future of payments: Top stories of the week


U.S. Bank's $600 million fine for AML lapses quickly drew readers attention, while acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney got the Cordray treatment on Capitol Hill and big banks made moves to speed real-time payments.


Citi, SunTrust provide a road map to real-time payments


Early adopters of The Clearing House’s Real Time Payments network have built gateways and accelerated fraud detection systems.


As new real-time payments go live, much work remains


This week's first transaction over The Clearing House's Real-Time Payments system may be a huge step for speeding up payments in the U.S., but it also highlights the long road still ahead.


Deal on TBTF rules; Warning on coin offerings


Bipartisan proposal would remove the SIFI label from more than two dozen banks; European regulator cautions investors on the risks as bitcoin price plunges.


Fed's Powell gives boost to banks in real-time payments race


The Federal Reserve Board governor sketched out a future in which U.S. banks remain at the center of commercial transactions.


Justice Department gives big banks green light on real-time payments


Following an antitrust review that lasted almost a year, the approval would appear to cement The Clearing House's status as the front-runner in a race to modernize the U.S. payments system.


Fed dodges key decision on faster payments


The central bank said Wednesday that it will assess a range of options regarding its operational role in a modernized payment system, an issue that divides large and small banks.


Fed commits to speeding up payments following task force report


In early fall, the central bank is expected to announce its next steps regarding how to improve the aging U.S. payments system.