Real-time payments

Fed must remain lead player in real-time payments


If the Federal Reserve doesn't maintain an active role, Wall Street megabanks could take over the payments system.


Senators press Fed's Powell on real-time payments


A group of senators on the Banking Committee sent a letter to the central bank chairman grilling him on the agency's efforts to develop a real-time payments system.


Fed essential to ensuring equal access in real-time payments


Public-sector development of a speedier settlement service, to operate alongside the one being developed by The Clearing House, is crucial for seeing that institutions of all sizes are able to take advantage of this technology.


'This time it's different': Comments of the week


Readers weigh potential risks in the leveraged loans market, debate Herb Sandler's legacy, consider the role the Fed should play in real-time payments and more.


Is time running out for small banks in real-time payments?


More businesses are considering moving away from cash and checks, according to a recent survey by Citizens. That should be a wake-up call to smaller institutions, said Michael Cummins, who oversees treasury solutions at the regional bank.


Early adopter: Clearing House real-time payments lands first small bank


Avidia Bank joins the network even as other community banks call on the Fed to create its own real-time payment service to compete.


Fed should step aside on real-time payments


The private sector will be able to provide more efficient and innovative technologies for the industry.


Fintech seeks to help customers avoid overdrafts — with assist from a big bank


Digit's savings app, relying on JPMorgan Chase's new real-time payments service, will offer customers an instant withdrawals feature that uses savings as a cushion against checking overdraws.


‘A rogue regime can weaponize this agency’: Comments of the week


Readers debate the Federal Reserve's potential entry into real-time payments, consider the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's guidance for assessing fines, discuss the efficacy of financial education programs and more.


Wells in denial, faster-payments backtrack, delinquency uptick: Top stories of the week


Wells Fargo and the denial stage of recovery; community bankers alarmed after big banks backtrack on faster-payments pricing; credit card, auto loan delinquencies hit seven-year high; and more from this week's most-read stories.