Real-time payments

Zelle teams with Clearing House to speed P2P payments — and woo small banks


Early Warning's person-to-person payment network predicts that faster settlement through The Clearing House's Real Time Payments will enhance its appeal.


Fed more bullish on launch of real-time payments service


The central bank aims to roll out FedNow sometime in 2023, which is more optimistic than its previous timetable. The official leading the project noted progress in developing the infrastructure and its compatibility with private-sector solutions.


Visa pilots faster-payment services for banks


The card network is testing two artificial intelligence-powered programs that it says give banks some of the benefits of faster payments without requiring the immediate movement of funds.


Heavy demand for fast payments in small banks' trial run


A California startup and a century-old Missouri bank, which began using The ClearingHouse's real-time payments network this summer, say businesses have embraced the technology to pay suppliers and gig-economy workers and quickly close real estate deals.


Using payments tech to punch above your weight


Nano Banc's president, Mark Troncale sits down with PaymentsSource's senior editor Kate Fitzgerald to discuss how the fintech decided to be amongst the first wave of small-to-midsize banks adopting The Clearing House's real-time payments solution. So how did it go?


FedNow? More like FedLate.


The Fed's faster payments platform may well roll out in three or four years, but by then it will already be outdated.


Fed to have payments service ready 'as soon as practicably possible'


The central bank released new details about FedNow, which officials hope to get off the ground before a 2023 or 2024 target launch date.


House passes appropriations amendment to fund postal banking


The measure would release $2 million in funding for the U.S. Postal Service to launch pilot programs to provide basic services such as checking accounts and bill payment.


Coronavirus prompts renewed calls for postal banking, faster payments


Millions of Americans have yet to receive their stimulus checks, leading progressives to demand reforms improving underbanked consumers’ access to the financial system.


We shouldn't have to wait for FedNow to have faster payments


The Fed can take steps now to speed up existing networks.