Randal Quarles

Congressional Black Caucus members urge Fed action on faster payments


In a letter Monday to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell, the four House Democrats argued that the nation’s aging payments system is contributing to economic inequality.


4 questions ahead of Fed proposal to overhaul regional bank rules


The Federal Reserve Board’s meeting to discuss supervisory standards for midsize institutions will be closely watched by regulatory relief advocates and those who want the Fed to maintain its firm hand.


Fed board to consider proposed revamp of big-bank supervision


The central bank will hold an open meeting Oct. 31 to discuss changes to the enhanced supervisory regime as required by the regulatory relief bill passed in May.


Regional banks' reg relief triumph gives way to new battle


Banks technically relieved of the “systemically important” label in last spring’s legislative package are lobbying regulators hard over concerns that they could still face tough standards.


CRA, capital rules, reg relief: Regulators’ busy fall to-do list


The heavy workload is not limited to implementing the financial regulatory reform bill enacted last spring, as the agencies also work to craft reforms of the Community Reinvestment Act and adjust key capital measures for the biggest banks.


Fed 'listens' to assess impact of rural branch closings


The central bank’s top regulatory official discussed how the Fed is using listening sessions in isolated communities to understand the effect of losing the one bank in town.


Fed looks to public to help define role on faster payments


For more than a year, the central bank has been under pressure to speed the development of a real-time payment system. But it faces tough questions about what its own role should be.


Take your time, hurry up: The conflicting orders on reg relief


Financial regulators sought to walk a fine line Tuesday between reassuring Republican senators that they are quickly implementing regulatory relief and defending themselves against Democratic criticism that they are going too fast.


Regulators may provide relief to banks above $250B of assets: Fed's Quarles


Fed Vice Chairman of Supervision Randal Quarles said in written tstimony that the central bank plans to move quickly to determine how to regulate banks between $100 billion and $250 billion of assets, and that it may provide also relief for banks over the $250 billion threshold.


Lawmakers seek more covered funds exclusions as part of Volcker changes


Seven Republican senators urged regulators on Monday to consider additional changes to the Volcker Rule's "covered funds" definition.