Randal Quarles

Fed exempts most regional banks from stress testing in 2019


The exemption was included in a suite of other changes unveiled to provide greater transparency to the Fed's stress testing regime.


Herman Cain buzz signals shift in Trump’s Fed strategy


If Cain is chosen for the Federal Reserve Board, it would be starkly out of step with the administration’s other nominations and may reveal a drastic change in the president’s attitude toward the central bank.


Brown calls on Fed to raise capital buffer for biggest banks


The top Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee is warning that excessive optimism in the banking system could lead to another crisis.


Fed readying capital rule for insurance firms under its watch


The Dodd-Frank Act gave the central bank authority to set capital requirements for insurance companies that own a federally insured bank, as well as those determined to be systemically important.


Fed proposes steps to ease banks' stress-testing regimen


The plan would implement a congressional mandate that only the biggest banks must conduct internal stress tests.


Tough standards for biggest banks not going away: Fed’s Powell


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell demurs on regulatory relief for largest banks while saying he is “open” to countercyclical buffer.


How regulators besides the OCC can help fintechs


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has gotten the ball rolling for financial technology firms trying to operate a national platform, but the FDIC and Federal Reserve should act to remove other policy roadblocks.


Would raising capital requirements for a rainy day hasten one?


One Federal Reserve governor’s push to use an untapped capital buffer to counteract potential losses is stoking concerns that such a maneuver could spook financial markets.


Fed, FDIC court banks; Germany seeks to help its banks


The two agencies seek to end the acrimony with the companies they regulate; the government is trying to make it easier for the wounded Deutsche Bank to merge with rival Commerzbank.


Despite isolationist mood, U.S. isn't going it alone on banking rules


Having the Federal Reserve Board’s bank supervision chief at the helm the Financial Stability Board cements U.S. leadership on cross-border regulation.