Randal Quarles

The Fed’s Lael Brainard stands alone


As the central bank board proceeds with reforms easing the post-crisis regulatory regime, the Obama-appointed governor has not shied from opposing the agency’s course.


Fed seeks to clarify bank control framework


The Fed board unveiled a proposal Tuesday to standardize how investors owning less than one-quarter of a bank can determine who holds a "controlling" stake and therefore must register as a bank holding company.


Will reg relief plan bring back failure-related risks?


Despite consensus that regulators should ease so-called “living will” requirements by some degree, critics charge that a proposal by the Fed and FDIC could undo gains in making large banks easier to resolve.


Why are policymakers so afraid of the word 'deregulation'?


Regulators and lawmakers go to great lengths to avoid using the term for reforms in the Trump era, but its meaning is consistent with recent steps to revise and clarify the post-crisis regime.


Fed opens reg relief tent to foreign banks


The Federal Reserve Board unveiled a host of proposed changes to tailor U.S. supervision of foreign firms, as well as a proposal easing “living will” requirements for both domestic and overseas banks.


Are global regulators gunning for big tech?


Randal Quarles, a senior Fed official and chair of the Financial Stability Board, sparked debate with a speech about the risks and rewards of companies like Amazon, Facebook and Apple entering the financial system.


Fed votes against deploying big-bank capital buffer


The Federal Reserve voted Wednesday to keep the countercyclical capital buffer at its current level of zero, ending some speculation that the board could be looking at a possible increase.


Fed's Quarles lays out new vision for Financial Stability Board


The Federal Reserve’s top regulator, who assumed the chairmanship of the international board in November, said the FSB should explain the rationale behind its financial benchmarks while establishing new ones to combat emerging threats.


Quarles stresses vigilance; Morgan Stanley to buy stock plan business


The Fed vice chair says regulators need to be on the “cutting edge” at spotting vulnerabilities; firm looks to win over future millionaires.


Fed seeks balance between transparency, toughness in stress tests


The central bank has drawn mixed reviews for new stress test scenarios and changes to how much banks know about the test beforehand. Its top regulatory official says the enhancements help the post-crisis regime evolve.