Patrick McHenry

House Democrats vote to reverse CRA rule


While the resolution sends a message of disapproval of the OCC’s reform of the anti-redlining law, the Republican-controlled Senate is not expected to consider the measure.


As Democrats urge pause in bank rules, GOP says hurry up


The congressional showdown over the pace of rulemaking during the pandemic is a hardening of older positions on banking policy ahead of the 2020 elections, observers said.


Banks poised to get new tools after House passes coronavirus relief


The $2 trillion stimulus package, which the Senate passed days earlier, aims to expand Federal Reserve liquidity resources and provide financial institutions with some regulatory relief.


CFPB urged to protect elderly from pandemic scammers


The COVID-19 pandemic has already given rise to false marketing of test kits and criminals impersonating the FDIC. Consumer advocates say the bureau could issue alerts as well as empower banks to help safeguard their customers’ funds.


Takeaways from ex-Wells Fargo board members’ visit to Congress


The bank’s former chair expressed regret over comments attributed to her in a House report, while Democrats and Republicans butted heads over whether the hearing was necessary.


Democrats beat up on Wells Fargo CEO. GOP says it's time to move on.


House Democrats maintained their criticism of the bank during Charlie Scharf's first hearing, but Republicans suggested it is on better footing now that many top leaders have been replaced.


House lawmakers press Powell on CRA, climate change, stress tests


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell reaffirmed his agency’s skepticism of a Community Reinvestment Act plan proposed by other regulators, and said the Fed has an important role to ensure banks “are resilient against the longer-term risks from climate change.”


Why House Democrats are at odds over rate cap bill


An intraparty rift went public Wednesday over legislation that would impose a 36% rate limit on all consumer loans. Critics are concerned it would cut off minority borrowers’ access to small-dollar loans and hurt some community banks.


As Trump touts economy, CRA reform looms large


Following the State of the Union speech Tuesday, Republican lawmakers hailed the president's economic record while Democrats continued criticism of an administration plan to reform the Community Reinvestment Act.


Credit reporting bill passes House but faces long odds in Senate


No Republicans voted for the package of bills intended to overhaul the credit reporting system, casting doubt on its chances in the GOP-controlled Senate.