Bank bonds holding their own; Warren’s beef with Wells


While bank stocks flounder, their bonds are seen as a haven against a possible recession; the senator asks bank about overdraft fees on closed accounts.


Warren wants answers from Wells Fargo on closed-account fees


After a news report said the bank kept alive accounts customers thought they had closed, Sen. Elizabeth Warren told acting CEO Allen Parker in a letter that Wells is "still fundamentally broken."


KeyBank rolls out no-fee overdraft, debit-linked savings accounts


The new products, along a 2% cash-back credit card, are aimed at helping customers build savings and reduce debt.


Women pay 18% more in banking fees than men, research finds


Overdraft fees make up the lion's share of the $214 women pay in banking fees each year, according to a survey by the investing app Stash.


Policymakers shouldn’t undermine existing overdraft regulations


The current overdraft rules could use some tweaks, but it should largely remain the same to protect consumers.


'Let's encourage banks to join payday lenders': Comments of the week


Readers react to the Fed warming up to CRA reforms, criticize the Democratic presidential candidates, defend Pittsburgh as a megabank attraction and more.


Banks take a pass on rollback of overdraft rule


The CFPB asked whether 10-year-old consumer protections against overdrafts are onerous or unfair, especially to smaller financial institutions, but banking industry officials largely said any changes could invite new problems.


'What a bunch of Luddites!': Comments of the week


Readers react to Congress vetting Facebook's Libra, heavily debate whether to delay CECL, opine attempts to roll back overdraft laws and more.


State AGs oppose CFPB efforts to roll back overdraft rule


New York Attorney General Letitia James said there is “no basis to believe” that the overdraft rule has harmed small banks and credits unions.


As California mulls rules for payday loan alternative, rifts emerge


Companies that offer early access to earned wages want a regulatory framework for their fast-growing industry. But the bill under consideration in Sacramento is exposing big divisions in the sector.