Creating a 'Win-Win' in M&A, Part V: How BB&T Guarded Against Hostile Bids


John A. Allison writes in his new book that he feared for years that predecessors of Wachovia or Bank of America would try and force BB&T to sell itself. In this excerpt, he explains how he kept the banking giants at bay. Part 5 of 5.


Creating a 'Win-Win' in M&A, Part IV: BB&T's Strategy for Buying Nonbanks


Nonbank acquisitions require a certain level of expertise, John Allison writes in his new book. In this excerpt, he discusses how BB&T views the insurance business and why he stuck with subprime auto finance when others bailed. Part 4 of 5.


Creating A 'Win-Win' in M&A, Part II: BB&T's Approach to Negotiation, Integration


Retired BB&T CEO John A. Allison shares tips on brokering a deal and making an acquisition thrive in his latest book. This is part 2 of 5.


Creating a 'Win-Win' in M&A, Part I: BB&T Alum John Allison's Logic for Deals


BB&T completed more than 100 acquisitions under now-retired Chief Executive John A. Allison. In an excerpt from his latest book, Allison discusses his reasoning for M&A, while providing a blueprint for scouting targets. This is part 1 of 5.


Banks' New Merger Strategy: Becoming TBTF


Expect more regional banks to pursue deals that put them over the $50 billion-asset threshold in an effort to reap the benefits of implicit government subsidies.


Culture Clash: The Overlooked Threat to Mortgage M&A


Acquisition-hungry banks and mortgage companies need to apply the same level of scrutiny to cultural fit as they do to a firm's financial statements and balance sheets.


Why Banks Should Temper Their Growth Ambitions, in One Chart


Modest bank asset growth is a reality. That needn't be a bad thing for bank stock prices, but operating strategies that try to fight it might be.


B of A's Countrywide Woes Offer a Lesson in M&A Branding


Bank of America has taken a significant reputational hit as a result of its 2008 acquisition of Countrywide Financial. Could it have mitigated some of the damage with a different branding strategy?


For Low-Performing Banks, It's Fold or Be Sold


Higher capital requirements, sluggish GDP growth and antiquated cost structures are stymying banksÂ' efforts to boost returns to investors. This will likely lead to a boom in mergers and acquisitions over the next decade, writes Richard J. Parsons.


Why Scale Is Overrated in Banking, in Two Charts


You might think overhead expenses as a percentage of average assets decline as institutions get bigger. You'd be wrong.