Maxine Waters

House Democrats vote to reverse CRA rule


While the resolution sends a message of disapproval of the OCC’s reform of the anti-redlining law, the Republican-controlled Senate is not expected to consider the measure.


House Democrats call for more transparency in allocation of PPP funds


In letters to administration officials and large banks, the lawmakers sought details about loan recipients following reports that financial institutions had favored their wealthiest clients.


House Democrats launch bid to overturn OCC's CRA rule


The lawmakers are attempting to block the regulation reforming the anti-redlining rule under review powers granted to Congress, but the move is largely symbolic with the Senate and White House controlled by the GOP.


Waters criticizes OCC chief's comments on stay-at-home orders


Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks had suggested states and municipalities should end "indefinite shutdowns" meant to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The Democratic lawmaker said he was going against the public health recommendations.


Key Democrats urge Mnuchin, Powell to rescue mortgage servicers


The letter written by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, was seen as a boost to Wall Street lobbying efforts seeking to quell the fallout of the coronavirus crisis on the mortgage market.


House Dems seek details on FDIC's crisis plans following IG report


The heads of two congressional committees are requesting a briefing from the agency after a watchdog recommended improvements in how it prepares for crises.


Congress mulls further coronavirus relief for consumers


If Capitol Hill plans another round of stimulus, Democrats could have more leverage to demand steps such as suspending overdraft fees or placing a temporary cap on consumer lending rates.


What else can the Fed do to blunt coronavirus impact?


The Federal Reserve's support for the commercial paper market made clear that it was willing to go beyond cutting interest rates, but the central bank may feel pressure to do even more as the crisis worsens.


Takeaways from ex-Wells Fargo board members’ visit to Congress


The bank’s former chair expressed regret over comments attributed to her in a House report, while Democrats and Republicans butted heads over whether the hearing was necessary.


Waters is right to make Wells Fargo a poster child for bad practices


The chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee should call on regulators to take more aggressive steps with bad banking practices, starting with Wells.