Maxine Waters

Waters, Brown urge Mnuchin to halt housing finance reforms


The top Democrats on the House and Senate banking committees urged the Trump administration to pull the plug on any steps to overhaul Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the pandemic still taking a toll on the economy.


Biden win gives Maxine Waters a power boost


The head of the House Financial Services Committee is already exerting influence by handing the president-elect a laundry list of Trump regulatory policies that she wants the incoming administration to reverse.


Waters calls on Biden to reverse Trump's deregulatory actions


House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters urged the incoming administration to overhaul policies on payday lending and the Community Reinvestment Act and make personnel changes at two agencies.


Bankers urge extension of CARES Act reg relief


Measures designed to give banks and credit unions more flexibility to help customers weather the coronavirus pandemic are set to expire Dec. 31 unless Congress renews them.


Calabria to Congress: If you don’t like crisis fee, then fund GSEs


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been slammed for planning an additional refinancing charge to cover COVID-related losses, but the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency defended the policy in House testimony.


Democrats' bill would require Fed to focus on income, racial inequality


The Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act would direct the Fed to consider racial inequality in employment, income and access to affordable credit when making monetary policy and in its regulation and supervision of banks.


Waters rejects GOP request to cancel hearing on pandemic relief bill


The House Financial Services Committee chair vowed to stay focused on the HEROES Act after the panel's top Republican said lawmakers should instead debate bills with bipartisan support.


House Democrats vote to reverse CRA rule


While the resolution sends a message of disapproval of the OCC’s reform of the anti-redlining law, the Republican-controlled Senate is not expected to consider the measure.


House Democrats call for more transparency in allocation of PPP funds


In letters to administration officials and large banks, the lawmakers sought details about loan recipients following reports that financial institutions had favored their wealthiest clients.


House Democrats launch bid to overturn OCC's CRA rule


The lawmakers are attempting to block the regulation reforming the anti-redlining rule under review powers granted to Congress, but the move is largely symbolic with the Senate and White House controlled by the GOP.