Machine learning

Cash-flow data shows promise as predictor of credit risk


Melissa Koide, co-founder and CEO of FinRegLab, analyzed loan data from six lenders that use cash-flow data in their underwriting. She shares what she found.


AI becoming part of TD Bank’s DNA


The bank has been deploying artificial intelligence in every business line, conducting research to find out what consumers think about the technology, and holding a roundtable with experts to define "responsible" AI.


Stress detector, employee sidekick, fraud fighter: AI's new uses


Credit decisions were a natural place to start with artificial intelligence, but now banks and credit unions are taking the technology to all parts of their businesses.


Throw your old data analytics out the window


Changes in consumer behavior patterns will force banks to reassess the information they use to attract customers.


Patriot Financial leads $15 million round for Numerated


Numerated, vendor of loan prospecting, marketing and underwriting software that was developed within Eastern Bank, now has $32 million.


Where is this online lender using AI? Everywhere


Enova has used AI in credit decisions for years. Now it’s having AI do the work of document verification, know-your-customer checks and more.


How American Express uses machine learning to detect fraud


Tina Eide, Amex's senior vice president of global fraud, discusses the card issuer's efforts to strengthen its transaction monitoring.


Are Americans ready for voice banking?


Sherry Comes, managing director in conversational AI at Deloitte Consulting, says banking in the future will take place through a home, car or phone speaker.


Culture problems? This AI can root them out


Banks are using Receptiviti’s software to find signs of stress, collusion and questionable sales practices among employees.


CRE meets AI in fintech's tool for lenders


Blooma has developed a software product that combs databases to create property profiles for commercial real estate lenders. It can drastically cut origination costs and approval times and help banks identify safer loans, the company says.