Machine learning

Need a volunteer opportunity, young banker? This algorithm's for you


CariClub crunches employee data to connect young banking professionals with nonprofits on the hunt for junior directors.


Real-time data was Kabbage's secret sauce, its first investor says


The online lender's recent completion of a $700 million securitization provided Jonathan Ebinger at BlueRun Ventures an opportunity to reflect on what he has learned about the power of alternative data.


Online lender Upstart eyes expansion after latest funding round


The San Francisco fintech, which uses artificial intelligence to make consumer credit decisions, has raised an additional $50 million. It also announced new partnerships with lenders and plans for a credit card.


Can AI help banks handle Venezuelan sanctions?


Many U.S. banks, especially in Florida, are struggling to comply with U.S. sanctions against the Maduro regime. Some argue artificial intelligence can make it easier to distinguish between legitimate payments and illicit transactions.


Morgan Stanley focuses on data quality to strengthen AI


The bank is one of many to realize that artificial intelligence is only as good as the data fed into it.


How 6 million Bank of America customers are using Erica


The most popular features of the AI-driven virtual assistant include transaction search and spending alerts.


Citizens' AI drive hits a wall — commercial loan processing


An executive at the Rhode Island company said the complexity of business lending remains an obstacle to switching to entirely automated, paperless operations.


'Friendly fraud' is on the rise. Are banks complicit?


Reports of improper charges by perpetrators who know the victim soared last year. Issuers and card networks are failing to tighten security, clearly label transactions and police chargebacks, critics say.


JPMorgan commits $350M to job training programs


JPMorgan Chase said it wants to improve training for technology-related jobs and help community college programs. The five-year initiative is one of several the company has announced in recent years in the name of community development.


Fintechs try wooing banks back to construction lending


Software startups say bringing borrowers, builders and lenders onto one digital platform can remove some of the risks lenders faced during the crisis.