Leveraged loans

Guidance subject to Hill review could go back decades, lawmaker says


Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer is calling on bank regulators to draw up a list of guidance going back 20 years to determine whether it should be submitted under the Congressional Review Act.


Why this bank is walking away from shared national credits


Evans Bancorp in New York believes the business is ill-suited for community banks and that it can draw unwanted attention from regulators.


Leveraged lending guidance in limbo after GAO move


A GAO determination has effectively nullified a 2013 leveraged lending guidance. But that leaves the future uncertain about what, if anything, regulators will devise to replace it — and how banks should treat such loans in the meantime.


GAO ruling puts leveraged lending guidance in GOP crosshairs


Federal regulators’ 2013 guidance on leveraged lending should have been treated as a rule under the Congressional Review Act – and is now eligible for Congress to repeal, the Government Accountability Office said Thursday.


Nonbanks seize on new source of funding for multifamily lending


So-called transitional lending has traditionally been kept on balance sheet; but it’s become attractive to bundle the loans for transactions called (take a deep breath) commercial real estate collateralized loan obligations. Can investors stomach the features these deals sported before the crisis?


JPM, other lenders kept loan buyers in dark about probe, lawsuit says


JPMorgan Chase is among four banks sued by a trustee for investors in the debt of Millennium Health LLC, alleging the lenders failed to inform them of a federal probe into the billing practices of the borrower.


Republicans may be able to overturn two decades of regulatory guidance


The GOP is working on a plan that could extend the Congressional Review Act's reach so that it may overturn certain policies all the way back to 1996.


Leveraged loans deserve another look from banks


Many banks curtailed leveraged lending following the financial crisis, and for good reason. But we may be on the verge of a leveraged-loan comeback.


California First told to substantially reduce its portfolio of leveraged loans


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued the directive following an interim examination.


Bank consortium demos leveraged loan trade via blockchain


Coordinators of a financial-industry backed blockchain project say they have successfully demonstrated that the distributed ledger technology can be used to syndication, trade and make payments on leveraged loans.