Leveraged loans

Coronavirus, U.S. Bank's opportunism, CFPB sues Fifth Third: Top stories of the week


From scams to watch out for to the role banks play in an SBA virus loan program, news about the pandemic's impact was everywhere. Also: As State Farm bows out, U.S. Bank seizes an expansion opportunity; CFPB sues Fifth Third for allegedly opening phony accounts; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Virus could deal blow to leveraged loans. What's that mean for banks?


Banks may be protected from a direct hit, but they have invested in vehicles that include such loans, potentially exposing them to defaults.


The API race, CFPB vs. Citizens, Varo's bank charter: Top stories of the week


Wells Fargo appears to be outpacing its rivals in the API race; CFPB's unexpected showdown with Citizens; Varo gets vital FDIC OK for bank charter; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Leveraged loans take center stage in upcoming stress tests


Regulators are alarmed about banks' rising exposure to high-risk corporate credits and want more data on how they would perform in a recession.


M&A, hiring, credit quality: What's on minds of midsize bank execs


Certain loan segments are showing signs of deterioration, but consumer lending and digital banking are bright spots. Meanwhile, bankers are eyeing opportunities to improve efficiency, add scale and take advantage of M&A disruption. Here's what to expect from smaller regionals in the year ahead.


FDIC issues warnings on leveraged lending, CRE concentration


The board- and management-level handing of CRE concentration was the chief concern of FDIC examiners, making up more than 56% of all the supervisory recommendations regulators made in the two-year period.


JPM wins a place in China; banks again warned about replacing Libor


The bank is the first U.S. one approved for a majority-owned securities unit in China; the FSB said banks must get serious about replacing the benchmark.


A $40 billion pile of leveraged loans is battered by big losses


Barely noticed in a corner of the financial markets, leveraged loans originally worth about $40 billion are staging their own private meltdown.


Red flags worrying lawmakers 11 years after financial crisis


Members of the House Financial Services Committee cited leveraged lending, cybersecurity and the switch to a new interest rate benchmark among potential systemic risks that keep them up at night.


Easy credit's latest twist: Loans to companies with no income


By turning to investors outside traditional banking, private-equity firms are finding it easier than ever to get loans to finance their buyouts of corporations that are nowhere close to being profitable.