Leveraged loans

6 policy responses to leveraged lending fears


Options include legislation to study the risk of leveraged loans, more aggressive action by the Financial Stability Oversight Council and additional capital buffers. Policymakers may also choose to do nothing.


BofA, longtime leader in leveraged loans, warns of 'carnage'


The U.S. economy is on solid footing except for one potential trouble spot, according to Bank of America's Chief Executive Brian Moynihan: leveraged loans — a business the bank has dominated for a decade.


Is a leveraged lending crisis imminent? Depends who you ask


Lawmakers waded into a growing debate about the threat posed by corporate credit risk.


Wells Fargo ‘irresponsible’: Dimon blasts rival on lack of CEO plan


The JPMorgan chief executive said he couldn't understand why Wells Fargo could have CEO Tim Sloan step down without a successor ready to go.


System can withstand threat posed by leveraged lending: Powell


Although higher corporate debt could hurt the economy, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell argued changes made since the last crisis will guard against a meltdown.


Brown to regulators: Be ready to discuss leveraged loans at hearing


The ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee says he wants answers from the Financial Stability Oversight Council on efforts to address corporate debt risks.


6 takeaways from the Fed’s financial stability assessment


The central bank said that while financial markets' desire for higher yields raises the potential for losses, capital and liquidity safeguards temper any concerns about a looming crash.


Wells contacts Bridgewater co-CEO; 1MDB suspect discussing plea deal


Eileen Murray has talked about leaving Bridgewater; A deal with Roger Ng could lead to charges against Goldman and its employees.


Will White House memo be a roadblock for reg relief?


The administration’s move seems aimed at cutting down on regulation. But broader reviews by the White House under the Congressional Review Act could hinder rules the industry supports.


SEC chief warns on leveraged loans; Wells’ woes continue


Clayton is the latest to raise concerns about bank loans to highly indebted companies; Wells Fargo’s performance took a hit with its reputation.